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The Boat Shops at Lake Oconee specialize in providing the Lake Oconee community with our top Viaggio pontoon boats for sale. Whether you’re new to the boating world or have been a boatsman for years, our pontoon boat dealers are here to show you all the advantages of purchasing from our inventory. With our Viaggio watercraft offering the ideal blend of style and comfort, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t made the purchase sooner. Experience a luxurious day out on the Lake Oconee waters with the help of our staff at our boat dealership.


Turn to Our Pontoon Boat Dealers for Your Next Lake Oconee Adventure

Our fleet of Viaggio pontoon boats for sale are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, so you can enjoy the Lake Oconee scenery in complete relaxation. As a Viaggo pontoon boat dealer, we’re proud to show you all our watercrafts have to offer. Depending on the year and model, your new boat can possess a variety of amenities. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the Lake Oconee waters with a top performing entertainment system, customized seats for a comfortable journey, or simply looking to add some aesthetic flair to show your personality, our boat dealership in Lake Oconee is the place to be. Let our Viaggio pontoon boat dealers at The Boat Shops at Lake Oconee maximize your boat ownership experience.


With So Many Benefits in Lake Oconee, What’s Not to Love?

Owning one of our amazing Viaggio pontoon boats in Lake Oconee can provide a wide variety of both physical and mental health benefits. Being out on the open water can provide a sense of calm and tranquility, reducing stress and allowing you to appreciate the peace of nature. The fresh air and sunlight in Lake Oconee can boost your mood and provide you with an opportunity to obtain much needed vitamin D. Due to the physical exertion required to operate a pontoon boat, it can also help to maintain your physical wellbeing. Simply just being on a boat can be a wonderful way to connect with family and friends, allowing for bonding and quality time together on Lake Oconee waters.

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