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A saltwater fishing boat, or a boat that is capable of taking on the ocean, requires a few different aspects than your standard freshwater model. When you choose The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier to buy a new or used fishing boat, you're getting the Blackfin brand, a watercraft capable of serious ocean fishing while also providing safety, security, and stability during long fishing trips. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes, but each one is ready to take on your next saltwater outing.

  • New Blackfin Fishing Boats in Lake Lanier

    Skilled craftsmen and engineers who combined their passion for fishing and leisure boating with decades of experience in the industry create award winning Blackfin fishing boats. The result is an exceptional watercraft designed for fishing, family, and deep sea fun. These new fishing boats for sale have expertly designed hulls, which provide greater stability in choppy weather conditions, and more fuel efficiency compared to similar boats in their class.

  • Used Blackfin Fishing Boats for Sale in Lake Lanier

    Due to the overwhelming results delivered by Blackfin boats, sometimes they can be a bit on the pricey side. Not to worry, The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier in Lake Lanier is proud to offer some of the best used Blackfin saltwater fishing boats on the market. Even used models are highly capable for your next deep seas fishing expedition. Our used fishing boats feature all the best traits of our brand new vessels, including being seamlessly blended with all the latest in innovative saltwater fishing technology.

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