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A saltwater fishing boat, or a boat capable of navigating the ocean, needs a few additional features than a normal freshwater one. When you buy a new or used fishing boat from The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier, you’re getting the Blackfin brand, capable of serious ocean fishing while also providing safety, security, and stability throughout lengthy fishing expeditions. They come in various styles and sizes, but each one is ready to go on your next saltwater adventure.

  • New Blackfin Fishing Boats in Georgia

    Award-winning Blackfin fishing boats are created by skilled craftsmen and engineers that combine their passion for fishing and leisure boating with decades of industry expertise. The result is an outstanding boat built for fishing, family pleasure, and deep-sea exploration. These modern fishing boats for sale feature precisely built hulls that give more stability in rough weather situations and greater fuel efficiency than similar boats in their class.

  • Used Blackfin Fishing Boats for Sale in Georgia

    Because of the outstanding performance provided by Blackfin boats, they might be a little costly at times. Don’t worry; The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier in Georgia has some of the greatest secondhand Blackfin saltwater fishing boats on the market. Even older models can handle your next deep-sea fishing excursion. Our secondhand fishing boats have all the greatest characteristics of our brand new vessels, including being flawlessly integrated with all the most modern saltwater fishing technology.

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